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We have developed a 5 stage process that will identify your needs and objectives, develop a foundation that creates a basis for the strategy going forward, and review and make changes where appropriate as circumstances and conditions evolve.

Fulcrum Wealth 5 Stage Process

Stage 1 – We have an initial meeting and discussion with you to understand what you are looking for including a summary of your current position. We also introduce our business to you, discuss what services we offer and how we may be able to assist you, and answer any questions you may have.

Stage 2 – This often happens at the second meeting and is both an information gathering meeting and a time to explain any investment and insurance concepts. We discuss your goals and objectives, investment timeframe, risk profile, and obtain any other financial or personal information that is required.

Stage 3 – A personal statement of advice is provided to you that explains our understanding of your current position and then provides recommendations for future strategies together with any investment and insurance recommendations. We provide supporting documentation, research, quotes, and details of fees and costs at this stage.

Stage 4 – Once you are satisfied with the advice we will implement the recommendations contained in the statement of advice. The actual implementation may be staged over a period of time depending on personal circumstances and market conditions at the time.

Stage 5 – The first 4 stages are the start of the journey and we believe in providing advice to clients on an ongoing basis. Personal and family circumstances change and this requires additional advice. We look to partner with you through life’s constant changes.